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The High Quality Malaysian Hair Extensions That You Are Searching for

The malaysian hair, as the name suggest, comes from malaysian women who have donated or sold their hairs, in order to help themselves financially or as a offering to the gods. If you want to buy wholesale malaysian hair, you have to know a couple of aspects.

In first place, the malaysian hair is darker brown to almost black. The hair comes in styles of swift curves, to wavy hair. It is thicker and heavier than the indian, but it have better quality. The hair dry up just with a slight wave. The hair is extremely shiny and silky.

If you like the naturally or curly hair, this one is for you. The only drawback is that is only available in darker colors, but it is soft and shiny. The features make it the best hair in the market.

Generally, we can say that the malaysian hair is like the hindu hair, but it is more expensive because it is scarce. Over the internet you can find a lot of offers.

When you will go to buy malaysian hair (wholesale or retail), you should note that in a malaysian hair the cuticles are in the same direction; it has a curly structure, so it will last long; this hair can have many styles, you can dye it at any color you want; as the hair is elastic, it helps to the women look more beautiful. It seems natural.

If you wanna get a full hair, an average person needs at least 2 packs of hair, although it is recommended 3 packs. The best is to be secure that you have enough, If you want to use hair of 18″ long, you might to should pick another pack. Remenber that you can always use the leftovers, in case that there is more than enough hair.

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