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Why Buy Organic Innerwear This Season?

Do you know the rather startling fact that skin is the largest organ on our body? It will surprise you even more if we say that the skin is the organ most uncared for. Though reasons can be plenty, let’s start off with something that is closest to it. Yes, we mean your inner wear. How often have you realised that chemically-laden inners touch the most sensitive part of your body? It’s no lie that organic clothing fashion starts in your pants. Any denying that? We might not even call it ‘trendy’ or ‘fashion’, rather a necessity.


Traditionally, cotton is subjected to bleaching, dyeing, sizing and fireproofing and wrinkle reduction techniques. These processes emit a lot of chemicals that can percolate through the sensitive layers of your skin which can cause irritation, bacterial growth and yeast formation. So, reasons are plenty why women should go ‘organic’ this season:

  • Organic cotton keeps you fresh and dry all throughout the day, as it is breathable against your skin.
  • As manufacture of organic innerwear involves less processing techniques, it makes use of less or no hazardous chemicals and less amount of energy too.
  • By going organic you do your bit for the environment as the production process does not pollute the soil. In organic agriculture, composted manure is used instead of synthetic fertilizers; the toxins and pollutants which make up synthetic fertilizers greatly disturb the ecological balance.
  • Organic innerwear can absorb sweat and all toxins released from your body. Underwear made of traditional cotton does not absorb everything because of the many chemical they come with. This means the sweat just continues to gather on it rather than evaporating, and therefore cooling, you like it’s supposed to. Rather yucky, don’t you think so?
  • Because organic innerwear inhibits the growth of yeast and bacteria down there, it is highly breathable and air flows through freely. When your inners aren’t breathable, there is no airflow and circulation enabling yeast and bacterial growth.

Now, you have lot many reasons to dump your synthetic cotton and go ‘organic’. Your body will love it and so is the environment. You can check out other material options that organic clothing offers such as bamboo and wool in our pursuit to select one this season.

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