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Winter Fashions Deals and Steals

The winter season will be here before we know it. It is truly a magical time of year with extra beauty in the air, joyful spirits, and fashion wonders. What is it about winter fashions that we all love anyways? Perhaps it’s the way our cuddly sweaters and attire complement our cooperating hair days and rosy cheeks. Whatever the reason, it’s time to pull out your winter clothing, shop for some new articles and accessories, and get ready for those cold days. The Winter season can be a bit of a budget buster due to holiday shopping for gifts, meal favorites, and donations. However, your sense of style doesn’t have to suffer. There are tons of great deals to find and promotions in every one of your favorite clothing shops. Check out Groupon Coupons to find top deals for stores such as Nine West, Buckle, and Neiman Marcus

Now that you know where to find the deals, here are a few Winter Fashions for the 2015/2016 season.

Winter Whites are in this season. A white sweater dress, a white tote or handbag, and white gloves will pair nicely with other basics and statement items.

Classic hair and makeup made up of red lipstick, liquid eyeliner, a shimmery neutral eyeshadow, and a simple up do will be go nicely with most winter trends while displaying a clean, crisp look.

Statement Coats can come in various patterns, colors, and styles. It’s best to pick one that represents you, and can be easily thrown over your outfit. Colors such as camel, gray, and red can be worn with most jeans and neutral colored dresses, shirts, and scarfs.

Mid-skirts that lay right below the knee offer a sense of classic elegance. Mid-skirts can be worn with high heels, knee-high boots, paired with tights for extra warmth, and the look great with a trench or pea coat. Mid-skirts are a great piece to transition from indoors to outdoors events.

Knee-High Boots seem to be a recurring trend and winter go to. Boots offer extra needed warmth and can be worn in various winter weather conditions. They look great with jeans, tights, sweater dresses, flannel shirts, or a flowy tunic.

Chunky Sweaters are a winter staple. They are comfortable, warm, come in many patterns, colors, styles, and fabrics. Chunky sweaters can also be paired with a pair of jeans or tights for a casual yet festive outfit, or easily dressed up with a pair of heels. Chunky sweaters are versatile and a winter must.

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